Halfords Customer Experience Survey


About the Halfords Customer Experience Survey

The Halfords Customer Experience Survey, can be accessed on the Internet at tellhalfords.com. This is an online survey to obtain information as to your experience on your visit. This information allows Halfords to determine how customers have rated their experience and they may continue to improve service and or products to exceed customer expectations. The survey will ask you several questions concerning your visit and how you rated the product or products available, perhaps what you may have purchased. The questions will also ask how the actual service was with the associates that assisted in your purchase was.

How to Participate in the Halfords Customer Experience Survey

You Will Need:

  • A computer with Internet access.
  • The ability to read English to complete the survey.
  • Have a recent Halfords receipt from a participating store.

Steps To Do Survey:

  1. Go to tellhalfords.com.
  2. You will need your receipt from your recent visit to enter the following information, the store number, transaction, and till, (all this information is printed on your receipt).
  3. You will be asked a series of questions that allow you to rate you experience at Halfords. The questions will range from the selection on products available as well as the availability of the item you were searching for. Some questions maybe a simple yes or no answer, while others may give you a multiple choice answer, or the ability the write in a text box with your response. Additional questions may be on how the staff assisted you during your visit. What was your impression of the design of the layout of the store and the ease you were able to browse through the store.
  4. Once you have completed your survey you will be given the opportunity to participate in the current sweepstakes or drawings at that time.

Steps To Do Survey Video by CustomerSatisfactionSurveyHQ:

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