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The store is nothing fancy but the products and prices can’t be beat. Love of Jesus thrift is a decent thrift store. I notice some reviews complaining about the state of the warehouse being musty and a little dirty- but honestly so are MOST thrift stores. Look for pieces that aren’t broken or damaged, and also be careful to buy gear that comes with all of its accessories — without each essential piece, you’ll have a hard time reselling it to any thrift store. I made an order on Oct 7th,when I paid for the floor,Enrique told me I can get the floors in 4 days before 12th(naturally aged flooring comes from LA). Forever Floors was without question the best value in the area. Most requests for rate hikes are also approved without question. Some of their employees are going through a program with the church, and have been, without fail, pleasant and enthusiastic. We have been honored for service excellence with over 300 quality awards from customers and trade associations.

The added baseboard through out the condo.

I went back to the store and met Jorge ( Enrique’s brother) who also seemed like his customers are important to him. All in all, Enrique along with his Brother Jorge were so pleasant to work with! Enrique is trying to tell me “you can only see the chips if you look close” and “those aren’t splits, it’s the wood”. Glued the boards by the wall to the wood subfloor instead of hand nailing those, and used staples instead of nails which is likely to split the wood. Use a pan to dump in amount that works best for you & hand squeeze press out juice. The added baseboard through out the condo. He took the time to talk with me about measurements, and things that we might need to consider etc. I had an entire 2400 square foot home and a condo that would need new flooring in the very near future.

Need someone else to fetch it for you? Our shopping list contained 20 items an owner may need to maintain such a vehicle driven under average circumstances. Valid site promotion codes, and application of Treats points may be used on eligible in-store pickup orders. As our hypothetical vehicle, we selected a 2015 Honda Civic EX sedan, one of the most common cars on the road (prices may vary for other models). I called the Eagle Guys and promises were made to come and check but no one ever showed up. Enrique showed me options and I ended up with a laminate that looks like wood, including the texture. Enrique and his men assured me that my floors are “supposed to look like that”. Funny, when I left the house before that fluid was put all throughout the home, the floors were dark and beautifully shinny. These end caps were not used and were never even at my house.

I’m OK with Jesus really, but I’m going to need a sofa before you save my soul.

We called him a few days later to tell him that we were ready to move forward and he was at our house within an hour to measure. We knew what color we wanted our flooring and went to a few places to compare prices. We actually drove by this place after going to lumber liquidators, a few block away. I’m OK with Jesus really, but I’m going to need a sofa before you save my soul. It would have been great if maybe you could call me and tell me that you had to cancel, but no, I wasted my Sunday morning, and I had to do the calling to figure out what’s going on. Like the other reviewers said, this place is huge and loaded with tons of great finds. Much like the planes, a copter session lets you choose from a short jaunt or a longer, afternoon or even day-long jaunt instead. Though this is in Nevada and not Arizona, it is a short drive or air ride away, and very convenient. How much is a ride back?

We kept coming back to Forever Floors. Very dishonest business. We just had our acacia hardwood pre finished floors installed by Enrique’s installers. Many other floor shops (including 800 floors) suggested a joke of a floor for the same price that I purchased 5 mm engineered hardwood from Forever. Purchased around 1000 sqft of engineered hardwood brazilian teak floors from Forever. I highly recommend Forever Floors because of the great customer service and competitive pricing. How great is their customer service? The Living Room was finished in a day and looked great. The installers did a wonderful job and were in and it in a day with minor touch ups the following day. Be sure to come back to Ebates every day to see which of your favorite stores offer free pickup! We had the opportunity to put in orders for the Peapod curbside pickup service, and our orders were waiting for us after the event.

Foot Locker In Store Pickup

Imagine my surprise when we walked in and found they carried Cali Bamboo flooring, the same stuff we put in our entry. Based on first impressions, when it got closer to the time we needed the new flooring, i chose his place over several others I had visited. First he said he needed my address to send me the check, several weeks went by no check. When you click on Order Tracking, you will be prompted to log in with your e-mail address and password. How do I check my order status? The Claims Inquiry option allows you to receive a status of a claim by pro number or claim number. Saks Fifth Avenue is rolling out a new augmented reality concept called the Salon Project, which allows clients to “try on” different hairstyles and cosmetics with the help of augmented reality programs installed in mirrors and on iPads. 3. Breaking News Section – This section contains a rolling banner of current news such as the current fuel surcharge rates and important weather alerts. Downloads – This section provides information and instruction on the ability to download our Rate-Assist Software and Transit time files. The shoe section has a load of shoes but every shoe is either warped with missing shoe strings or beyond the point of a good spit shine.

I really did. When we first came here we met Enrique, he was quite friendly and seemed to be genuine with his suggestions, and really cared about giving the customer a good experience and product. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Forever Floors! This is crucial to differentiating your store from the one-dimensional online shopping experience. This was by far the lowest price that we had seen shopping around and believe me when I say, I shopped pretty aggressively. In the past, most of the shopping for dresses was limited to bridal shops and boutiques. They can always search the web to find cocktail dresses on sale that suit their taste and budget. I actually saw the flooring color that husband and I were hunting for when we first started our renovation, but we gave up early on in our search and settled for a second choice. 20 boxes were returned in November, 2015. Enrique Lopez gave me a run around on the refund.

I have at least 10 split boards, and 3 obviously chipped boards.

I called Enrique several times receiving promises he would come over to see i they were needed, and if not, a refund would be forthcoming. We have been searching for flooring for months all over San Jose. I have at least 10 split boards, and 3 obviously chipped boards. They could have had twice the business by being honest and having a little customer service. Their pricing is competitive with the big box stores, but the level of service that we received from Forever floors is UNMATCHED! I would use Forever Floors for any flooring project. Also Use Sugar Syrup to raise dry wine from .990 S.G. HyVee syrup is clear, C&H been cloudy? Before you use open primary; Fill with water 1 gallon @ a time & Mark each level on outside. All offers are 100% free, 100% of the time. Today I came to pick up,his brother told me the floor are not there,and he doesn’t know when I can get the floor! Per Enrique he can’t come because his brother couldn’t come in to work! Enrique has been wonderful and very easy to deal with. Jorge and Enrique helped us select the right floor for our home and Jose and his crew did a very nice job with the install.


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