Kohl’s Customer Experience Survey


The Kohl’s Customer Experience Survey, found at kohlsfeedback.com is an online survey designed by Kohl’s allowing customers an opportunity to leave feedback on their shopping experience. The company uses this information to improve their policies and rules to help meet your needs. This survey is completely online. You can take it whenever you have available free time.

By participating in this survey, you give important feedback to the company. The company wants this feedback in order to make their products better and give better customer service. As a reward for completing the survey, you have the opportunity to sign up for Kohl’s sales event emails. If you sign up for the email, you will receive a printable coupon for $5 off your next in-store purchase. If you choose not to sign up for the sales emails, you will still receive a printable coupon sent to your email for 10 percent off your next online purchase. You can give feedback without signing up for any emails.

About Kohl’s

Kohl’s is an American favorite, one stop shop for just about anything you need to live the lifestyle that you love with the people that you love even more. From clothing styles for the whole family to popular toys, name brand items and even trendy home décor.

Kohl’s allows you to shop for just about anything that you need without the need to run all over town or order from multiple sites. Housing several celebrity brands that are not carried anywhere else, Kohl’s offers names like Laura Conrad and Jennifer Lopez, each cut with a unique body type in mind.


How to Participate in the Kohl’s Customer Experience Survey

You Must:

  • Have access to a computer and Internet access.
  • Be able to read English or Spanish.
  • Have your recent Kohl’s receipt that contains an invitation for the survey.


  1. Go to kohlsfeedback.com.
  2. Click the blue hyperlink that says Start the Survey, or the Spanish link.
  3. A pop up window will open, asking for the store number and access code from your recent receipt. Click Start Survey when finished entering information.
  4. Answer the questions honestly.
  5. You will be asked for your email address and whether or not you want to sign up for the sales emails. Simply read the directions and answer accordingly.
  6. Enter your email as requested at the end of the survey to receive your savings.

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  1. Our checkout girl (lady) was named Debby and I can truly say if every clerk in every store in the USA was like her it would be a pleasure just to wait in her line to pay. She was the greatest……you hired a winner when you hired her!!

  2. The associate in the shoe department was VERY helpful…..I told him he was awesome! He used his hand held “gismo” while I had my daughter on the phone as she described the shoe…and color she wanted. He found it…in the storeroom…and made all three of us very happy. It was a pleasant experience. Thanks to Peter in the Shoe Dept. The red-haired check out woman was also very friendly. Great shopping.

  3. VERY unhappy about a recent return and according to staff @ return desk this is Kohl’s policy. I bought 3 tops using a $10 card that had arrived in the mail to help pay for these. The next day I returned ONE of the 3 tops and was told I would NOT receive the full amount credited to my chage card but only an amount with a third of the $10 card subtracted. I said, but I still BOUGHT 2 tops and why wouldn’t the $10 apply to help pay for ONE of these? At other stores I shop at the customer is wooed and honored which makes me shop there again and again. For the loss of $3 I left feeling I’d been given a reason to go to Kohl’s and then had the gift they had sent me, taken away. NOT a good experience. Perhaps I’ll go where I feel welcomed…

  4. Store 1029 My Receipt Access Code: 7819-4619-2471-1517
    I was disappointed today at the register. I spent $103.94 and only received $10 Kohl’s cash. I asked the young man at the register if it was not supposed to be $20 ($10 for every $50 spent) and he proceeded to tell me my savings was more than my subtotal. So, then my sister checked out behind me and spent $108 and her savings was more than mine (more than her subtotal) and received $20 Kohls cash. I almost came UNGLUED. He was more focused on evidently something else. By the way, he was the only one at the registers who was actually doing checkout for customers. When a few more customers got in line, he did call for help but by the time they showed up, he could actually handle it with the help of the girl at the Jewelry counter to help chekcout customers. Can someone explain this to me! I usually love to shop and Kohls but today can make a big differnce in my decision to ever shop there again.

  5. Your associates in the Jewelry Dept in Vernon Hills, Il. were wonderful. I was looking for a breast cancer awareness necklace – and found a great one on sale. I asked the associate if they had any others to choose from and she stated that the Illinois stores were not going to carry any (noting that it is Oct – Breast Cancer Awareness month) but the one I had. I purchased the one I had ( for my daughter who has breast cancer) and then I decided to purchase the second one (only one left) for my mom who had breast cancer years ago. Not only was the priced marked was $100, now on sale for $29.50 and then I had another 20% off coupon. What a great deal. The associate also offered that I go to your kiosk in the back of the store if I wanted to purchase online – didn’t know that was possible. So my trip was profitable, and I really like the necklace. Now I want to purchase one for myself, and really don’t want to travel to different stores to look for one.
    Great experience at Kohls, just like all my trips. I would recommend that in Oct. that Kohls do something as a display and offer other merchandise for Breast Cancer awareness – it would be appreciated.

  6. I filled out the survey,and tried to send it for a $5.00 coupon Oct12 and got a message that the site was temp.down,so did the survey again todat Oct.13 and tried to send it,and got amessage that the sueprvey haf already been taken.
    How do I get a $5.00 coupon now???

    Howard Holloway

  7. I was very unhappy with you little pricing screens. First of all they are too light and secondly the print is too small. Being a senior it is very hard to read. I liked the old signs that you used to use. They were bigger and easy to read. Please go back to your old signs.


  9. Shopped at Kohl’s today. I was extremely pleased with the service and politeness of the check-out clerk.

  10. Went yo the KOHL’S in Roseville, CA had a great experenice very time I turn around there was a associate. When it came time to check out it went fast and easy the cashier Kitty was great I will be back my total saving that day was $136.04.

  11. 743, 7806-4716-3874-2709. Did not get prompt to receive coupon after survey. Found no place to leave comments. I was not aware of the kiosks in the store. I had walked around the store thru many departments and never saw ONE associate on the floor. I went to the cashier (from the Home dept in back) to ask for a person to help me with my purchase. Not a happy camper. I wanted to purchase a good knife set and many boxes did not even have the price marked on them. Many questions on quality rating and feedback. The associate had many tacks and baubles on his name tag. He was very very helpful and patient. He seemed very knowledgeable about the products and even shared his personal experience with the selection of knives. It is always hard to find an associate on the floor. I had questions in the frame department and jewelry and went away without a purchase because of unanswered questions.

  12. I love shopping at Kohls, I like the fact that when you get a coupon for discounts, they are good on all merchandise. Also there is always someone available to help you.

  13. Today I was waiting in a long line and the young lady named Ayla asked if she could help meat the jewelry counter. She was so polite and rang me up fast because I had an engagement to attend. Thank you Ayla, store 646.

  14. I love shopping at Kohl’s…Their customer service is unmatched by any other chain. The opportunity to save with the use of Kohl’s cash and/ or coupons is the reason that shopping there is so rewarding. Love the designer labels and the selection that is available. also your return policy is incredile! ..Keep it up Kohl’s !!!!!!

  15. There is a women in jewelry that is a gem!!! (pardon the pun) She was delightful, friendly, joyful and helpful. A really good person to have working at Kohls.

  16. My KOHL’S is in Bryant AR. I have always had great service and smooth checkouts. There is always an associate there to help me, I don’t have to hunt one up.

    I shopped on Sat 11/03 and the store was busy. I had pictures with me to match with frames. KOHL’S has wonderful frames and they are well made. I found six frames and I found a pair of sunglasses which I needed. All my items were on sale too. I was ready to check out and an associate came to me and said she could check me out if I was ready. When I looked up she had a smile on her face. She was very nice and made my check out fast and easy. I was very surprised to see that I had saved $87.22. I love my KOHL’S Store.

    Thank you very much.

  17. Did not get the prompt for the $5 coupon to print. Also no place to leave comments about the appearance of the store’s restrooms – they were deplorable!!!!

  18. I recieved a card from the store which could be redeemed for a FREE pair of panties. After wondering about trying to find them, your employee, Joyce Renk, asked if I needed help and immediately directed me to the proper display, saving me a lot of time. The next day Joyce again came to my assistance in the jewelry department, showing me the exact items from that days ad. She is a very pleasant and helpful gal. This was at store 123, Sheboygan, WI, on NOV 6&7, 2012

  19. I have to let Kohls know that in Cutomer Service Melanie WAS A GOD SENT with a situation with Kohl’s Cash. Diane was also very helpful.

    Them store #306

    Thank You for a great crew.

  20. I shopped at Kohl’s again today! Yesterday and twice today! Store 0610. While waiting to check-out, Natasha stopped what she was doing to check out my selections. I forgot to ask her to scan my rewards card. It was too late in the checking out process, so she told Ariel what I needed and Ariel followed up and corrected what needed to be done at the service desk while Natasha checked out another customer. Both were very helpful and friendly.
    Sometimes it’s hard to remember everything in time! Checking the screen to make sure the price I expect to pay is correct, showing my discount received in the mail, using my Kohl’s charge, getting the rewards card scanned and asking for gift receipts!
    I like to shop at Kohl’s for my grandchildren’s clothing and for myself. I need to start using the kiosk to save more!
    Additional outstanding employees are too numerous to mention! I’ll need to go back and write down their names. Edna, Bruce, several others, all so nice! And a really awesome manager! I hope his name is Chris! I’ll double check! He is just really incredible, so welcoming, friendly and upbeat! Always!
    This Kohl’s store is a great place to shop! (I’ve overheard a few unpleasant customers with unreasonable demands. Sad. There are some people who want free, free, free stuff!)

  21. I was shopping at the Apple Valley store today. I chose an item off the 60% off rack when I checked out I questioned the amount of this item and told her it was on the 60% off rack, she said it reflected 60% off. When I got home I looked at this item #400930639002 which was originally priced at $40. I paid 24.99 but it should only have been $16. I live 20 miles away so going back to the store is too
    inconvient. I am very disappointed.

  22. Need better & more shopping carts! I would like to retain my Kohl,s cash as a store credit when I make a return.You say if I purchased $50.00 I receive $10.00 back and I shouldn,t lose it when I make a return!!!Thank You!!!_

  23. Shopped at the Santee, CA store on 11/16/12…..returned an item and bought two things….ERICK in customer service helped us and was terrific…a very valuable employee…His service/ help was tops…
    We like KOHL’s newness and employees (like Erick)….Thanks for a very nice shopping experience… Tom Naser, and Carol

    Store 756
    access code 6878-0108-1356-1606

  24. Shopping at Kohl was a pleasure. Everyone was helpful, and the service was outstanding. A great store to shop at.

  25. I shopped at Kohls today. Needed new clothes for an up coming job interview. The Sales associate that helped me was very friendly. Her name was Heather. I told her what I was looking for and she took me to all the departments and showed me what was available. She stayed with me the whole time, while I tried on the clothes. She went back on the floor exchanged the sizes that I needed and brought them back to me in the dressing room. She stayed with for the 2 hours I shopped in the store. I ended up buying a matching pants and jacket and shirt. But, before buying it, I made the comment how wrinkled and creased the jacket was. And it was dry clean only. I stated I would not have enough time to get it to the dry cleaners before the interview to get the creases out. She took the jacket and pants and used a steamer they had in the back to get the wrinkles and creases out of the outfit. THAT’S WHAT I CALL SERVICE! She was an excellent help. Better than any other store I have ever been in as far as customer service. She is definitely an assett to kohls. I will shop there again. And the prices were right in the range that I was wanting to spend.

  26. I had a great shopping experience at Kohls on 11-24-12, at 3:59P. I believe the associates name was Brittany. She was so pleasant & helpful. It was a happy ending to my shopping day!

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