Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey


As a customer of any business, you are having an experience. Whether that experience is good or bad, you’re still having one. Many businesses are extremely interested in what their customers have to say. They use that data to make their products or services better. Customer Satisfaction surveys are a good way to get that data.

About the Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey

The Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey is designed to evaluate the strength of a post office branch. The post office is looking to find out how their employees interact with customers, whether or not the services offered are helpful to customers, whether or not products offered at a given branch are ideal for customers, and other types of information.

The Post office survey also tries to understand if the services rendered at their location were good from a customer service standpoint. For example, were you waited on promptly, were your needs solved by the employees at that branch, and would you be likely to return to that branch.

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