T.G.I. Friday’s Guest Perception Survey


About The T.G.I. Friday’s Guest Perception Survey

The T.G.I. Friday’s Guest Perception Survey, found at TGIfsurvey.com, is an online evaluation made up from T.G.I. Friday’s corporation to determine how customers feel about their products and services. Companies need to know what customers think so they can evaluate how well their business is run. They use the information to improve all aspects of the business and make it better for future visits from you and others. This evaluation is in the form of an online survey, so you can complete it whenever you have time.

If you complete this survey, you give the company important feedback, but you can also instantly win many different prizes, including free appetizers, movie tickets, music, and more. Along with the instant win codes, you may also enter a sweepstakes for a total grand prize of $2,144.60. You can still leave your feedback without entering any of the sweepstakes.

How to Participate in the T.G.I. Friday’s Guest Perception Survey

You Will Need:

  • Have access to a computer and Internet access.
  • Be able to read English or Spanish.
  • Have your recent T.G.I. Friday’s receipt that contains an invitation for the survey.
  • Be 18 years of age or older to participate.

Steps To Do Survey:

  1. Go to TGIfsurvey.com.
  2. Enter the store number, which can be found on your receipt. Click next when ready.
  3. You will be asked a few demographic questions to make sure you entered the correct store number. Follow directions.
  4. A series of questions will be available to you during this survey. Please answer the questions thoroughly and honestly. In cases where text boxes are used, feel free to type as much information as you want. It is not mandatory to type any information, but it can help the company more by doing so.
  5. When you are finished with the questionnaire, you will be asked to enter the sweepstakes drawing. If you wish to do so, click next. You will be notified if you have won an instant prize. If so, follow directions to claim the prize.
  6. To enter the sweepstakes, enter your information as requested.

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